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There mus be javascript conflicts on your site. Let's check jQuery option in 3rd-party modules, plugins or templates.
No. Advanced Portfolio only support project filter by tags. The pro version (Advanced Portfolio Pro) supports both tags and categories.
That link can't be removed if you're using the free version. The pro version doesn't include a backlink like that.
There is no option in Advanced Portfolio Pro to choose Grid/Text/Classic Layouts. All of them are set manually. To set Grid layout, please notice to: - Choose images in appropriate sizes because Advanced Portfolio Pro shows images in their right siz...
Check in each project's configuration and fill in Project URL field.
Please upgrade your site to the latest Joomla 3 version. That will fix the error.
Increase value of the following parameters in file php.ini? max_input_time / max_execution_time / memory_limit
No. Advanced Portfolio (free extension) supports Joomla 3.x only. However, Advanced Portfolio Pro (paid extension) supports both Joomla 2.5 and Joomla 3.x
Advanced Portfolio Pro is an improved version of Advanced Portfolio including extra features: - You can configure the location to store images. - Load images faster. - Beside Youtube and Vimeo, you can add video links from Metacafe, DailyMotion or T...
ERROR: This domain name (, does not match the domain name in the license key file

For assistance with your license, please contact the Kayako support team: