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- MEDIA STORE - 2CHECKOUT: Add 2Checkout payment option on checkout page. - MEDIA STORE - EXTSTORE ADDTHIS: Add code of social buttons to each product. - MEDIA STORE - EXTSTORE BUY X GET Y: When a customer buys product X, he/she can get product Y...
You can hide billing fields by changing options in User Billing Fields Configuration.
After your order is completed, you will receive 2 emails. One email provides login information, another email provide download link. Customers can also download a product from each product page. Check our Media Store demo site for more details: http://...
- Check your htaccess file. - Check permission of cache image folder. - You didn't add allowed extensions e.g: jpg, jpeg, png, gif
ERROR: This domain name (, does not match the domain name in the license key file

For assistance with your license, please contact the Kayako support team: