Mootools Accordion
Joomla! 30
Version: 3.6.0 Release Date: 11 May 2013 - Changelog

Version 3.6.0:

Release Date: May 11, 2013

  • Added. Modern CSS3 theme.
Joomla! 30
Note: You need to install Skyline Menu Pro first.

Mootools Nested Accordion is a plugin of Menu Pro that turn the menu into multi-level accordion menu. It is written in native mootools so you don't have to worry about javascript conflict. The sleek accordion menu features a smooth transition so that the end user can clearly see the next level of navigation that is presented to them.

Mootools Nested Accordion is user-friendly and highly flexible menu solution that gives a powerful navigation experience for your and your users. The menu allows you to expand or collapse different levels of submenus with accordion effect which gives you a real hierarchical structure. Such accordion menus practically are expandable whenever needed, you can really save some space and show a lot of information within the menu.

  • 4 Cool Themes
  • Support RTL Language
  • Mouse Trigger
  • Fade Effect
  • Delay Time
  • Expanding/Collapsing Duration
  • 31 Animation Transition
  • Customizable CSS

Main features

4 Cool Themes

4 Cool Themes

Mootools Nested Accordion offers 4 themes: Black, Modern, Silver and Modern CSS3.

RTL Language

RTL Language

The menu supports Right to Left languages such as Arabic, Persian, Hebrew and more.

Mouse Trigger

Mouse Trigger

The menu supports three mouse events to trigger the accordion menu, including Hover, Click and Advanced Click.

Animation Transition

Mootools Nested Accordion supports 31 animation transition effects.


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