[2014 Flashbacks] An eventful year of ExtStore

[2014 Flashbacks] An eventful year of ExtStore


One more year passed away and we’re so happy to say that we had an incredible time in the past 12 months. 2014 was obviously one of our most energetic years since we had taken a big step forward with dozens of new products and related services. Now we should spend a little time to look back what we have done together in the past 365 days.


36 Joomla extensions and constant updates

We welcomed 2014 Advanced Portfolio Pro – a powerful component with strong gallery supports. After that, it is followed by 3 more commercial products during the year.

  • 11 Joomla components: Downloads Pro and Advanced Poll appeared as great options for your Joomla sites. Especially Media Store became the favorite choice among ExtStore fans because of unique and amazing features.
  • 10 Joomla modules: Our modules brought the neat Accordion menu to business websites based on Virtuemart, HikaShop and Joomla content categories. Furthermore, we made a cool approach on the popular social networking sites with free modules for Facebook, Twitter and Google+.
  • 15 Joomla plugins: Most of them are free. These lightweight but useful tools have been adored and chosen by many Joomla users.

And of course, everyone who owns previous products also felt pleased with constant updates and new features from ExtStore Team.

Related activities

Along with Joomla products, we subsequently offered more extra supports for clients. Here are the most noticeable remarks in 2014:

  • New Demo: Being built on materials of three former demo sites, new Joomla 3 demo allows users to experience all product features in the finest way.
  • Documentation and Blog: All the products are accompanied with full documentation. Blog posts are also regularly published to provide users with useful tips or latest updates.
  • We keep the tight connection with dear customers via: Support Ticket, Live Chat, social networking sites and emails.
  • Many promotion campaigns had launched during the year, especially Thanksgiving Customer Survey and Mega Sale events.

What’s next in 2015?

  • New logo & website design is an interesting improvement of ExtStore, bringing new UX experience to customers.
  • More new products, promotion deals and extra services.
  • Smoother customer service workflow.

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