Decorating your Joomla site with free stuff

Decorating your Joomla site with free stuff

Holiday spirit is spreading in the air. What have you done to prepare for this Christmas? Are you buying present wrappers or reading the Yule Log recipe? Well, just stop thinking about red-and-green ornaments in some minutes and check our list. Perhaps you can find a great item for your Joomla house here.


Simple PopUp

A popup message is one of the best ways to welcome visitors to your Joomla house. You should not think that Simple PopUp is too simple. With some epic images or overwhelming messages, you can turn the ordinary popup into a sweet holiday greeting.

Snow Falling

Don’t ever feel surprised if you see blue snow in some websites. Probably, they are using Snow Falling module to color the snow. This simple module can also control number of flakes, falling speed, make snow stick at the bottom or follow your mouse direction.

If snow is not enough and you like some firework, try YOOholidays!


Banners are strongly recommended for online shops in Christmas. Colorful banners appears everywhere without molesting viewers because everyone is in happy mood and they need to see something cheerful.

Flash Countdown Timer

Let’s bring a countdown clock to your site this year by using this lightweight yet flexible module. The timer will display how many days, hours, minutes and seconds in left.

Tiny Bubbles

Tiny Bubbles module adds a little fun to the holiday. You can blow any PNG image in bubble shape across your Joomla site.

ODude Ecards

This “From Santa with love” extension allows you to create a powerful greetings card system. This can be small amazing presents for your customers.

Christmas Time & Christmas Tree

The Christmas template duo provided by Site Ground looks a bit old-fashioned to today’s web design trends but I’m sure that they are adored by many users. Plus, these templates support both of Joomla 2.5 and Joomla 3.x

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