[Tutorial] Advanced Portfolio Quick Guide

[Tutorial] Advanced Portfolio Quick Guide

Advanced Portfolio helps you create portfolio on Joomla websites easily even if you don’t have technical skills, time or a huge budget. This extension offers two options: the free version supports Joomla 3 only while the pro version supports both of Joomla 2.5 and Joomla 3, plus tons of amazing features. However, whether you use pro or free version, sometimes you will need quick tips to better use Advanced Portfolio.

1. Change word “All” and its background color


+ To change word “All”, just edit com_advportfoliopro_filter_all=”All” to com_advportfoliopro_filter_all=”Whatever” in file en-GB.com_advportfoliopro.ini
+ To change background color of “All”, just search line 55 in file style.css, then edit #2DA0CE to #newcolorcode in:

+ You can also edit text of color of “All” by editing #FFFFFF to #newcolorcode

2. Opacity of information overlay


You need to find file default.php in path: views\projects\tmpl\default.php
+ Search code:

+ Change to

+ Changing rgba(0,0,0, 0.5) determines to what degree the information overlay reveals the layer beneath it (opacity).

3. Widen/Narrow gaps between images


Still in file style.css
+ Search
.projects-wrapper .column-5 {
width: 18.4%;
+ Change width to fit your needs.

4. Back to previous page


To add “Back” button to each project, search in file: views/project/tmpl/default.php, then add code:

5. Turn off navigation arrows


Again, we need to find file style.css. Search .project-nav .prev-project & .project-nav .next-project, then remove background property.

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