7 Tips Help You Write Great Content

7 Tips Help You Write Great Content


Content is the king, it will help you increase the traffic of your site. In the past, there were many times I failed on writing my blog posts and articles. Actually, there was a little bit disappointment, however from it, I gain a lot of lessons. Here I am sharing seven tips from my experience which make you write a great content. I hope they are useful for you .

1. Attractive Title

Almost of time, readers decide whether they will keep reading the article or not once they read its title. A good title will show the soul of your articles and increase the readers’ curiosity.

A boring and unattractive title will decrease the numbers of your audiences. They leave your article at the first glance.

2. Clearly Identify who are your audiences
You need to make clear in mind who are your audiences. For example, identify clearly that you are writing for the people living in the village or in towns, students in the school or the music fans, … so that you will decide the words, sentences as well as the writing style to use.

3. Make your article easy to read
You should use normal words for your article to make it be like a direct conversation with the readers. They will be easy to approach and catch your content.

Let’s write like you talk, it lets readers feel that they are talking with a real person, not a robot. And a more important thing, don’t tell people exactly what you want to tell them. It will keep people reading and want to find the end of what your articles are mentioning.

4. Make a visual content
Let’s make your content visual as you can by adding images, videos or infographic, etc.... A visual content will attract more readers than a text-based content. It will make your blog post or article interesting and help your readers easier to understand what you are writing about.

Moreover, a visual content will help to increase your marketing campaign for sure. Based on the research of marketer Jeff Bullas, articles with images get 94% more views than those without.
Here I show you a demo of the article including a portfolio gallery.




5. Add external links to your articles
To make Google rank your site higher in Search Engine, you need to link your new article to your older or relevant articles. Don’t use “Click Here” for your article to link to the others. Almost of people refused to click on “Click Here” link because they don’t know what the link is.
Let’s use keywords or phrases to link your article to the others.

And I am sure that a popup with redirect confirmation function will make your audiences feel happier and safer with the external links. Redirect Confirmation popup will appear when users click on an external link. The popup includes title, message, return and continue button so that users can decide to go to the external links or keep staying on the current page.

6. Make it special and interesting
There are a lot of articles published per day, so the question is how to make yours more outstanding or special than the others.
I can show you an example to make your article different: Instead of letting audiences leave a comment below the post, just make it interesting by making a poll for example. Let’s ask people a question and show them the answers to choose.
I guess the readers will be interested in this small game and of course, they also love your article.




7. Read, Revise, Repeat
Read your draft to your supportive friends and ask her/ him a series of questions such as could she/he understand what you are talking about? Are there anything missing or are there anything need to be cut off? Is there anything else she/he would like to know from that topic?
Keep those suggestion in mind to decide whether you need to change your article or not. If there is anything necessary, just make a change.

Note that: Don’t try to make your articles perfect because your blog posts or articles are never going to perfect. Maybe there is anything you can change to make your articles better only. The best writers always know when to stop editing their articles, just publish it.


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