[Announcement] The Releases of Joomla 3.6 & Advanced Portfolio Pro 3.8.0

[Announcement] The Releases of Joomla 3.6 & Advanced Portfolio Pro 3.8.0


Joomla 3.6 released some days ago. The latest versions of our Joomla extensions now work well on Joomla 3.6 update. If your site is in the older Joomla version, kindly upgrade as soon as possible.
Thanks to the effort of ExtStore team and the feedback/ ideas from you - our happy customers, Advanced Portfolio Pro 3.8.0 with a lot of new features and a minor bugs fix have just released on ExtStore.


Cool new things you can do with Advanced Portfolio Pro 3.8.0




1. Added Option Layout Type For View Project.

Your project detail page will show in Slider style or Grid style
Slider Style



Grid Style



2. Added Option Popup disable or enable.

Choose Enable/ Disable to show/ hide popup when clicking on the image at the detail page.

3. Added Option Show/ Hide Project Navigation.

Choose Yes/ No at Show Project Navigation option to show/ hide button Next/ Previous project buttonnext at the top left of the page detail.

4. Added Option Project Navigation By Category.

If you choose No at Project Nav by Category, all of the projects will be navigated by Next/ Previous button.
If you choose Yes, only the projects with the same category will be navigated by Next/ Previous button.

5. Added Option Filter Order.


Filter Order option allows you to sort filter bar by ordering or title alphabetical.
If you choose to filter by Tag and Filter Order is Title Alphabetical, at the frontend you can see:



6. Added Status bar on slider view detail.

If your project has more than one image, the status bar will appear at the bottom of image to show the order number of that image
The example of Status Bar:



7. Fixed Some error style on view detail and module carousel.

If you are using Advanced Portfolio Pro, just update it to experience the new features. And If you are a new one, let’s go to ExtStore and bring the latest version of Advanced Portfolio Pro to your site.




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