[Mega Popup Update] Update Popup Templates for Xmas 2016

[Mega Popup Update] Update Popup Templates for Xmas 2016


Xmas is nearby and the new four Xmas popup templates of Mega Popup extension are your soon ExtStore gift. It will make you easier in this Xmas marketing campaign. With the contribution of this popup template package, Mega Popup now includes total 20+ awesome popups for Halloween, Xmas, Valentine, Thanksgiving, Black Friday and promises to bring you more.
Have a closer look at the new popup templates for Xmas 2016 here

01 2016 xmas 02 2016 xmas
03 2016 xmas 04 2016 xmas


- If you are Mega Popup users, please login to ExtStore, then download the new demo package and import to your site.

- If you are new on Mega Popup, you can visit the outstanding features of Mega Popup and visit Mega Popup’s demos to know that Mega Popup is all your needs for the desired popups. Just buy it, your life will be easier.

demo xmas buy now xmas



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