8 Awesome Extensions Have Just Updated On ExtStore

8 Awesome Extensions Have Just Updated On ExtStore


Dear beloved customers,

Within the official release of Joomla 3.7, ExtStore launched the new version of 8 awesome extensions as well: Advanced Portfolio Pro 3.8.2, Advanced Poll 3.1.0, Testimonials 3.6.0, Keywords Linking 2.0.6, Mood Poll 1.0.2, Advanced Portfolio 1.3.6, Virtuemart Accordion 3.0.2, Login Popup 1.0.1.

Let see their changelog below for the details:

Advanced Portfolio Pro 3.8.2 Changelog Download
Advanced Poll 3.1.0 Changelog Download
Testimonials 3.6.0 Changelog Download
Keywords Linking 2.0.6 Changelog Download
Mood Poll 1.0.2 Changelog Download
Advanced Portfolio 1.3.6 Changelog Download
Virtuemart Accordion 3.0.2 Changelog Download
Login Popup 1.0.1 Changelog Download




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