Review: 7 Things About Advanced Poll 3.0.0

Review: 7 Things About Advanced Poll 3.0.0

This July update, Advanced Poll 3.0.0, predicts a new hit for ExtStore. Showing a whole different appearance, Advanced Poll is flexible enough to fit all styles of Joomla 3 sites. Moreover, amazingly diverse set of features enables users to extend custom capabilities, cool creativity and instant usage. So, what can we do with new Advanced Poll?

Annotate poll question with description

poll description

If question is not enough to illustrate your ideas, all you have to do is to add text/image in the description field of each poll. Then you show description before or after the question.

Create lively and interesting answers

unlimited answers

The component allows you to add unlimited answers to a poll as well as set color and edit vote count of each answer. When clicking every answer, you will see the full editor where you are free to use images and html tags. Single column is not the only choice because you can split answers in up-to-4 columns.

Color poll elements

various theme options

Regardless of 8 gorgeous basic themes, Advanced Poll amazes users by numerous options to configure wrapper, header, body, footer and graph style. Custom CSS is still supported, of course.

Set multiple security layers

multiple security layers

You can use more than one security layers (Cookies, IP Address or User) to prevent cheatings. However, Advanced Poll is not stiff since you can set time lag to be Hour, Day, Week, Month or Year as well as vote permission for each user group.

Display results in 8 illustrations

multibple result graphs

There are 8 different graphs to display the result. They are Scaling Line, Relative Line and Pie, Doughnut, Polar, Line, Bar, Radar Chart. Different charts tell different tales so you should choose the most suitable chart type for poll result.

Use Captcha to beat robots

captcha recaptcha

Advanced Poll is compatible with ALL Joomla Captcha plugins. You can use default reCaptcha plugin or install other captcha plugins. Using Captcha 2.0, voters can attest they are not robots with just a single click.

data analysis

On the back-end dashboard of Advanced Poll, you can see a line graph of votes counted daily and a map shows votes sorted by countries. On top of that, useful information of voters can be found easily in the Log/Statistics section.

What do you think of new Advanced Poll? Let’s have a look at the demo and tell us your opinions!

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