• 10+ Free Popup Templates For Your Xmas Decoration

    10+ Free Popup Templates For Your Xmas Decoration


    Dear beloved customers,

    Christmas is around and ExtStore does wish you have the great experience for this Xmas season.
    To double your happy feeling, ExtStore created new and modern popup templates for Xmas & New Year 2018, and offer you freely as a thanks gift for supporting us through the years.

    • 10 awesome and attractive Xmas templates added to Mega Popup component
    01 popup min 02 popup min 03 popup min

    04 popup min

    12 popup min

    06 popup min 07 popup min 11 popup min 09 popup min 10 popup min

    If you are a new one, just purchase Mega Popup to receive all popup templates for Xmas. Halloween, Black Friday, Valentine, Thanksgiving and more….

    If you are currently using Mega Popup, please login to extstore.com => Mega Popup page to download the new template package, then  import it at Mega Popup Manager

    In addition, Mega Popup 1.0.1 has just released on ExtStore with a minor of bug fixes. 

     button demobutton buynow

    If you have any question, just comment below or submit a ticket, we are pleased to support you.



  • Essential Website Features That Modern Joomla Templates Must Have!

    Essential Website Features That Modern Joomla Templates Must Have!


    So your business has a website — or you simply need one for your project. Joomla CMS is a splendid solution for managing both these tasks. Why? Because it’s one of the most popular content management systems on the web today. Over 2.5 million websites are running on this CMS.

    But we’re not here to count how many websites use Joomla as a framework, we’re here to speak about the quality of those templates, on which these websites are based and what the key features are that a Joomla-based website should have to be modern and successful.

    Well, the main part of each website is its design, for sure, including selected color schemes, fonts and position of elements. That all makes sense when the talk is about a pleasant user experience. But let’s not forget about how quickly the Internet changes today. Your design will have no value tomorrow if it cannot be found (this is why SEO exists). In fact, there are a huge variety of components that you should include in your site, and it can be tough to remember all of them.

    So what are the key components of a good Joomla template?

    Powerful Widgets & Modules

    Modules and widgets are developed to enhance the functionality and visualization. They can add a live chat to your website; present data in a form of progress bars or other elements; simplify your work with the social media networks and so on. They’re built to simplify management of the webpage, so that you don’t waste your time searching for an appropriate plugin or, even worse, code the function you need on your own. As an example, this premium Joomla theme from TemplateMonster is full of smart necessary widgets and useful modules. 

    1 widgets


    More Info | Demo

    Responsive Layout

    From year to year the number of people who use smartphones or tablets for web browsing is growing. On April 21st 2015 Google launched an algorithm that will rank higher those websites that have a responsive layout, or at least a mobile version. It applies only in mobile search, but you wouldn’t want to lose a significant part of your audience would you? If so, and we’re sure you would agree, then try to make your website responsive right from the start of your design process.

    2 responsive


    More Info | Demo


    If you truly want to reap all the benefits of having an online presence, then SEO is a necessity. Otherwise, what’s the point if the users can’t even find your website? Right, there is no point at all. That’s why we’ve put this feature together in the first place. Without this component, even your super fabulous design will be lost among the millions of similar websites. In a few words, this must-have option will make your website more noticeable, ranking it higher on the search engines results pages. 

    3 seo


    More Info | Demo

    Stylish Design

    The first thing that people notice when entering your website is its design, of course. It’s what creates an overall impression of the page and that’s what people will have in their minds when thinking about your website. If the website design isn’t impressive, users might not even scan the content part. But when it’s really exciting and trendy, users will definitely consider bookmarking your page.

    4 design


    More Info | Demo

    Twitter Bootstrap

    This feature has something in common with the number 4 in our lineup - the responsive design. On its official website you can see this quote: Bootstrap is the most popular HTML, CSS, and JS framework for developing responsive, mobile first projects on the web. In fact, that is all true, but besides a responsive layout this framework can help you equip your website with a whole collection of effective elements and features: glyphicons, badges, alerts, image buttons and much more. Every self-respecting pro, or even beginner developer, uses this feature for creating marvellous websites without effort. 

    5 bootstrap


    More Info | Demo

    Social Sharing

    Nowadays, without Social Media the World Wide Web would be just a wasteland. It’s a very powerful weapon, and both website owners and marketers try to make it work properly for the benefit of their businesses. It is not so hard to install, but it will definitely bring you a whole host of benefits e.g. find new customers and expand your audience, receive feedback from your customers’ perspective, increase website traffic and much more. So remember, by placing simple social sharing buttons on your page, you’re taking a step forward in a battle for a better web position. 

    6 social


    More Info | Demo

    Easily Customizable

    In most cases, none of the readily available templates will fit your needs perfectly. Eventually it will need to be customized: sooner or later you’ll want to change the fonts, color scheme or maybe even the layout of your website. Sometimes, it’s even necessary to make some changes to create a better user experience. For example, if you cannot customize the color scheme of the template, but its layout is perfect for you, why would you waste your time looking for a new one? For this reason, we’re convinced that any Joomla template should be easily customizable. 

    7 custom


    More Info | Demo

    From our perspective, these are all features that modern Joomla templates should have. Maybe it’s overload for some templates, but the cost of being well represented on the web is also high nowadays. If we’ve missed any important features, please share them with us in the comments under this post. Good luck!

    About the author: This post was written by Alex Lewington, a content writer who is interested in writing articles about web design and related topics. Follow him on his profile.


  • 12 Latest Free Joomla Templates of 2015 For Different Website Types and Niches.

    12 Latest Free Joomla Templates of 2015 For Different Website Types and Niches.


    Joomla have won favor of multiple developers and bloggers lately owing to its open-source nature, rich set of features, ease of use, frequent updates, or many other things. If you belong to the loyal community of Joomla users too, you may be interested to check up a cool set of 12 templates for this CMS. Of course, there are a lot of other worthy designs on the web, but most of them seem to have been used like a million times. So, in this post, we are eager to focus your attention solely on the latest free Joomla templates released in 2015.

    Whether you want to build a blog, corporate site or online store, this set has options for different types of web resources. Their topics also vary widely, from education and real estate to entertainment and sport. Taking into account a high level of their customizability, you will probably find the right solution for your site in no time. What’s great about using freebies is an opportunity to experiment with different designs and pay for none of them. So, look through our set, choose as many skins as you like and try them on your site. Just don’t forget to back it up before installation, as such a step will let you preserve any important data in case of any unforeseen circumstances.



    Demo | Download

    Ulmus is an ultramodern Joomla template custom-made for home decor sites. Packed with powerful Bootstrap features, it provides both ease of use and customization. To maximize the traffic flow to your site, the template also utilizes an effective trio including responsive design, cross-browser compatibility and SEO-friendliness. Regarding its visual side, Ulmus boasts a clean, simple look enlivened with parallax, lazy load, and hover effects. An animated portfolio and ghost buttons add some extra value to this free template equal to premium alternatives in its design and functionality

    * * *

    CloudBase 3


    Demo | Download

    CloudBase 3 is a versatile solution that can let you develop a site of any type based on Joomla 3. The template’s skeleton is built with Gantry 4, a responsive framework providing support for LESS. In terms of customizability, you can experiment with multiple color presents, typefaces, styling options and module variations to create a desirable interface look. CloudBase 3 is also integrated with social networks, Google Analytics, PrettyPrint, and much more.

    * * *

    Dream House


    Demo | Download

    Dream House is a well-structured Joomla template intended specifically for property-related sites. It comes with multiple features of Real Estate Manager, particularly a home gallery, review system, booking form with a calendar, purchase form, Google map, and tabs for property descriptions, locations, reviews, etc. Powered by Bootstrap 3, this responsive template offers a lot of module positions, Font Awesome icons, Google fonts, jQuery animations, and QuickStart installation to give you a quick and easy start.

    * * *

    Family Center Free Joomla Template


    Demo | Download

    This family-related template can help you build a fully-functional site providing an optimal experience for users of portable devices. For your ultimate comfort, it is packed with all the must-have web forms (registration, login, search, contact) and useful Joomla modules (Articles Newsflash, Articles Single, Camera Slideshow). One of the template’s strong points is a visually appealing design with a masonry gallery, skew borders, cheerful color scheme and other catchy details. Due to Modules Bundle Install and Quickstart Package, it is a breeze to install this template.

    * * *



    Demo | Download

    Carve is a free Joomla template tailored for sport, hobbies, entertainment and leisure sites. Its responsive Warp Framework comes with an extensive toolset to help you build a cross-platform resource. CSS and JavaScripts can be combined, cached and compressed for optimal website loading. Regarding the template’s design, it features 15 backgrounds, 2 body styles, 6 wrapper styles, 4 badges, 4 color variations, multiple typography options, responsive jQuery slider, and more.

    * * *

    SJ News II


    Demo | Download

    If you want to create a blog, online magazine or any other information resource, consider SJ News II to help you with your undertaking. Built with YT Framework V3, it has a tableless, CSS3-based design. What’s cool about this responsive Joomla template is K2 integration, a powerful content system indispensable to any news site. Boxed & full-width layouts, 8 color options, mega menu, Google fonts, support for RTL & LTR languages, - you can take advantage of many useful things if you give a try to SJ News II.

    * * *



    Demo | Download

    Keila is compatible with a powerful eCommerce platform, i.e. VirtueMart, which will let you turn your site into a web store in no time. Its colorful design makes this responsive template perfect for crafts, sweets and any other stores for kids. Powered by Jarvix Framework, it comes with a drag-and-drop layout builder and 30+ shortcodes for easier configuration. You can also embed your custom CSS code into the template manager without touching its CSS file. 

    * * *

    Free Joomla Template for University Website


    Demo | Download

    Here is a well-structured Joomla template suitable for education-related sites. Made in the metro style, its layout keeps the information in colorful blocks for easier distinction. This content-focused design is also notable for large headers, vertical navigation, pixel-perfect icons, social widgets, and Google map. To extend your institution’s outreach, the template works well in different web environments. 

    * * *

    Td Estify


    Demo | Download

    Td Estify is a fitness Joomla template integrated with Bootstrap technology and based on CSS. In its package, you can find 30 collapsible module positions, many shortcodes, floating and horizontal menus, layer slider with captions, back-to-top buttons, etc. Creating a palette for your site, you can choose from 4 ready-made color styles and use a handy background color picker. The template is friendly with the following web browsers: Mozilla, Opera, Safari, IE, Camino, etc.

    * * *



    Demo | Download

    Blueprint is a clean, responsive Joomla solution for blogs and corporate sites. Its admin panel has an intuitive interface, which will let you configure your website at the backend with ease. Thanks to ThemeMagic, there is no need to edit CSS and LESS when customizing the template’s design. Blueprint features multiple pre-defined layouts, and you can easily create your own one if you like. What else is worth mentioning about the template is T3 Framework used in its core and support for K2.

    * * *

    JoomSpirit 99


    Demo | Download

    JoomSpirit 99 is a versatile Joomla template with 19 module positions, sticky menu, responsive slideshow, 600+ Google fonts, 360+ Font Awesome icons, and many typography options including lists, quotations, tables, etc. Depending on your wish, you can build a one-, two- or three-column layout using this template. You can also optionally display social links and scroll-to-top button at its bottom. Furthermore, it’s possible to add a tracking code of Google Analytics to the template manager.

    * * *



    Demo | Download

    Constructo boasts a dark design, which can give a polished touch to the web presence of your business. At the top of the layout, there is an elegant slider overlaid with a semi-transparent bar for captions. The layout is also equipped with multiple elements essential for your site, particularly 3 module positions, social follow buttons, tabs, search option, login form and much more. As its name suggests, the template is meant for construction companies, but can also be adapted to sites involved in other niches.

    * * *

    Here we are. Which one of these fresh Joomla templates has caught your fancy? Regardless of your answer, you can feel free to download it and apply to your site. If you use some cool Joomla designs released this year, we’d be grateful if you shared them with us.


    AUTHOR’S BIO: Nick Campbell, the author of this article, is fond of writing posts on various subjects, particularly web design, e-commerce, social media, marketing, business, and education. He has been involved in the content creation sphere for more than two years. Nick is primarily focused on covering modern trends in a specific industry to help his readers keep abreast of the latest news. If you don't want to miss any brand new developments in the aforementioned topics, follow Nick Campbell on and !

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