• [Announcement] Significant Release of Advanced Poll 3.0.8 on ExtStore

    [Announcement] Significant Release of Advanced Poll 3.0.8 on ExtStore


    Dear beloved customers,

    Advanced Portfolio Pro 3.8.0 have just launched with great new features. And now Extstore officially announces the release of Advanced Poll 3.0.8 which totally works well on Joomla 3.6

    What’s new on Advanced Poll 3.0.8

    • Added. Support display poll in EasyBlog.
    • Added. Default values for theme settings.
    • Fixed. Style is overridden by template style sometimes.
    • Fixed. Backend error view not found. 


    If you need any assistance during the updating process, just feel free to contact us at ExtStore forum or submitting a ticket, we will contact you shortly.



  • [Announcement] The Releases of Joomla 3.6 & Advanced Portfolio Pro 3.8.0

    [Announcement] The Releases of Joomla 3.6 & Advanced Portfolio Pro 3.8.0


    Joomla 3.6 released some days ago. The latest versions of our Joomla extensions now work well on Joomla 3.6 update. If your site is in the older Joomla version, kindly upgrade as soon as possible.
    Thanks to the effort of ExtStore team and the feedback/ ideas from you - our happy customers, Advanced Portfolio Pro 3.8.0 with a lot of new features and a minor bugs fix have just released on ExtStore.


    Cool new things you can do with Advanced Portfolio Pro 3.8.0




    1. Added Option Layout Type For View Project.

    Your project detail page will show in Slider style or Grid style
    Slider Style



    Grid Style



    2. Added Option Popup disable or enable.

    Choose Enable/ Disable to show/ hide popup when clicking on the image at the detail page.

    3. Added Option Show/ Hide Project Navigation.

    Choose Yes/ No at Show Project Navigation option to show/ hide button Next/ Previous project buttonnext at the top left of the page detail.

    4. Added Option Project Navigation By Category.

    If you choose No at Project Nav by Category, all of the projects will be navigated by Next/ Previous button.
    If you choose Yes, only the projects with the same category will be navigated by Next/ Previous button.

    5. Added Option Filter Order.


    Filter Order option allows you to sort filter bar by ordering or title alphabetical.
    If you choose to filter by Tag and Filter Order is Title Alphabetical, at the frontend you can see:



    6. Added Status bar on slider view detail.

    If your project has more than one image, the status bar will appear at the bottom of image to show the order number of that image
    The example of Status Bar:



    7. Fixed Some error style on view detail and module carousel.

    If you are using Advanced Portfolio Pro, just update it to experience the new features. And If you are a new one, let’s go to ExtStore and bring the latest version of Advanced Portfolio Pro to your site.




  • How To Improve Customer Service For Your E-commerce Site

    How To Improve Customer Service For Your E-commerce Site


    Ecommerce Business develops rapidly day by day. In a recent research, global e-commerce sales set to grow 25% in 2015, and it promises to continue to increase through years.

    The constant rise of this market draws much attention from people. It makes a highly competitive environment. You can offer quality items at a great price, or build up an awesome online store, but it’s not enough. To make your online business outstanding rather than the others, the determining factor is improving your customer service. 

    Note that, “a happy customer will tell one or two people, but an unhappy customer will tell 10". For online business, an unhappy customer might not just tell 10 people, they can write a negative review on your site, criticize you on your forum, write on their blog,..... And I guess you don’t know exactly how many people will get negative information about you.

    Here I am sharing some of my real experience as well as my research about the ways to improve customer service on the e-commerce site. Hope they are helpful for you.

      • Collect the customer’s feedback: One of the most critical things to develop your business is to understand what customer think about your brand, your products as well as your service. From it, you will have a real look to find out accurate strategies for  improving and developing process. You can collect customer’s feedbacks by making a short survey like Survey Monkey  or creating a poll like Advanced Poll.

    • Useful FAQ’s page: Let’s gather the common questions people may have about your products or your service at FAQ’s page. It will make your customers easy to find the answer without contacting you. I guess both you and your customers will save a lot of time for responding and waiting.

    • Diversify contact form: If FAQ’s page can not cover all of the questions your customers have, let’s make them easy to contact you. Instead of making a boring contact form, offer them some choices such as  live chat, send email, skype contact or free call.

    • Personalize your email message: Sending the email to your customers will keep them in your business loop. Just send emails with customer’s own name. Instead of saying “Dear beloved customer”, you can say “Dear David” or “Dear Thomas”, etc….  It will create a positive effect on your customer’s brain. They will feel more friendly with your email.

    There are some good email marketing providers you can reference:



    Constant Contact

    Campaign Monitor

    However, the most important thing I would like to mention here is the internal factors. A good mindset of your supporter team will make your customer service better and better.

    • Be helpful and informative: Customer supporters need to focus on answering customers’ questions or solving customers’ issues, not focus on redundant information such as how many sales per year, turnover rate,.... In the modern life, your customers are really busy.

    • Be patient and willing to listen: When customers complain about your products or your service, let’s listen to comprehend them, then be ready to say sorry whatever you are right or wrong. If you are wrong, find the fastest and easiest way to resolve your mistake. If not, just be patient and polite to explain.

    • Be in time: If your customers have any question about your products or your service, let’s reply them as soon as possible, even if you haven’t had an exact answer for their question yet, let them know you are efforting to find out the solution. Your customers will appreciate your efforts.

    • Be an expert: To support for your customers well, you need to be an expert in your field with profound knowledge as well as vast experience.

    A good customer service will cost a bit of time and money, however, an unhappy customer will cost you the dozens of times by losing a lot of potential customers. Think carefully and act accurately to make your customer service better and better.


  • 7 Tips Help You Write Great Content

    7 Tips Help You Write Great Content


    Content is the king, it will help you increase the traffic of your site. In the past, there were many times I failed on writing my blog posts and articles. Actually, there was a little bit disappointment, however from it, I gain a lot of lessons. Here I am sharing seven tips from my experience which make you write a great content. I hope they are useful for you .

    1. Attractive Title

    Almost of time, readers decide whether they will keep reading the article or not once they read its title. A good title will show the soul of your articles and increase the readers’ curiosity.

    A boring and unattractive title will decrease the numbers of your audiences. They leave your article at the first glance.

    2. Clearly Identify who are your audiences
    You need to make clear in mind who are your audiences. For example, identify clearly that you are writing for the people living in the village or in towns, students in the school or the music fans, … so that you will decide the words, sentences as well as the writing style to use.

    3. Make your article easy to read
    You should use normal words for your article to make it be like a direct conversation with the readers. They will be easy to approach and catch your content.

    Let’s write like you talk, it lets readers feel that they are talking with a real person, not a robot. And a more important thing, don’t tell people exactly what you want to tell them. It will keep people reading and want to find the end of what your articles are mentioning.

    4. Make a visual content
    Let’s make your content visual as you can by adding images, videos or infographic, etc.... A visual content will attract more readers than a text-based content. It will make your blog post or article interesting and help your readers easier to understand what you are writing about.

    Moreover, a visual content will help to increase your marketing campaign for sure. Based on the research of marketer Jeff Bullas, articles with images get 94% more views than those without.
    Here I show you a demo of the article including a portfolio gallery.




    5. Add external links to your articles
    To make Google rank your site higher in Search Engine, you need to link your new article to your older or relevant articles. Don’t use “Click Here” for your article to link to the others. Almost of people refused to click on “Click Here” link because they don’t know what the link is.
    Let’s use keywords or phrases to link your article to the others.

    And I am sure that a popup with redirect confirmation function will make your audiences feel happier and safer with the external links. Redirect Confirmation popup will appear when users click on an external link. The popup includes title, message, return and continue button so that users can decide to go to the external links or keep staying on the current page.

    6. Make it special and interesting
    There are a lot of articles published per day, so the question is how to make yours more outstanding or special than the others.
    I can show you an example to make your article different: Instead of letting audiences leave a comment below the post, just make it interesting by making a poll for example. Let’s ask people a question and show them the answers to choose.
    I guess the readers will be interested in this small game and of course, they also love your article.




    7. Read, Revise, Repeat
    Read your draft to your supportive friends and ask her/ him a series of questions such as could she/he understand what you are talking about? Are there anything missing or are there anything need to be cut off? Is there anything else she/he would like to know from that topic?
    Keep those suggestion in mind to decide whether you need to change your article or not. If there is anything necessary, just make a change.

    Note that: Don’t try to make your articles perfect because your blog posts or articles are never going to perfect. Maybe there is anything you can change to make your articles better only. The best writers always know when to stop editing their articles, just publish it.


  • How to Make a Successful Online Store

    How to Make a Successful Online Store


    You are maybe owning an online store or maybe planning to open one. The question is how to make your store be effective? How can you do to draw much attention from your customers? Or which keys make a lot of online stores be such successful, bring such high benefit annually, monthly, weekly, or even daily?

    Many different factors affect to your online business such as market trend, economy, people, etc,... however, the basic one deciding your success exactly is building up an attractive, effective and user-friendly online store.

    Following the useful tips below will guide you through impediments to become a successful online store owner.




    I am sure that making a good first impression is vital, it means your homepage must be eye-catching, easy understanding and clean & clear. Easy understanding means it’s about few seconds only so that your customers are able to realize properly what you’re selling or what service's you are offering. In almost cases, no customer stays on your site for a long if they feel messy and confused by the unnecessary information your homepage provides. Don’t tell them when your company established or how many members there are in your company at your home page, just put them at About Us page.

    A good homepage can link visitors to category page easily. Anymore, Live Chats has the highest satisfaction levels for any customer service channel with 73%. Therefore I suggest you should consider using one live chat module for your site to make quickly interaction to your customers when they have any quick question.

    You also can add banners or a popup there to show your marketing campaign or discount information.


    Page Category

    page category1

    Categories provide a helpful way to group related products together, and to quickly tell users what a product is about. Therefore, categories also make it easier for people to find your products.

    Keep your category page clean and clear though it must bring enough necessary information. They are links to product detail page, product thumbnail (for a lot of cases, thanks to these fantastic thumbnails, visitors can make purchasing decisions before they even see the price or click through to the product page), product name, short description (I mean description is short and clear, it’s optional), rating, price and especially button Call to Action like “Buy Now” or “Add to Cart”.

    Having Search module will be easier for visitors to find out products they want.


    Product Detail Page

    page detail

    Customers always want to know all information about your products, however these information must be clean and easy to understand. Let’s introduce your product concisely but enough. Necessary information for Product Detail Page is product image, price, rating, detail description, button Call to Action and even field of changelog or link documentation if your products are software.

    It’s better if you can add some buttons to your product detail page. These buttons will bring relevant information of your products in which your customer can click to visit if they want. Of course, your customers will totally satisfy with this way to receive all information they need.

    In addition, you yourself are able to make opportunity increase your revenue by posting some related products on your product detail page. Sometimes, people don’t know what they want until you show them, so just do everything to show customer as much as products maybe they need as possible.


    Easy Shopping Cart & Payment Process


    It’s so great when your online store owns clear button Call to Action and powerful shopping cart. Powerful shopping cart means users can be easy to add and remove products, clear to see all products they buy and the total amount of money they have to pay.
    Next, care about your checkout page as it’s the final step on people’s shopping journey. Let’s make your customers easy to pay with necessary information only.
    At checkout page, your customers can be select a payment method by cash, credit cash, etc…. Or even if you want to sell your products over the world, your customers can pay via PayPal or Skrill Moneybookers, In this case, let’s choose a software which supports for international payment method and help you manage all orders in an effective way.


    Promos and Coupon Code
    After all, your online shop’s look nice and powerful now. However, what we have just mentioned are necessary conditions to make your shop draw much attention from new customers and as well as bring old customers come back, it needs to have sufficient condition is to develop marketing plans and promotions.

    If you launch new products or offer new discount plan, let’s make sure that these information will approach your customer by the easiest and fasted way.


    You can hang banners or posters on your site or use popup to show your sale off. Of course, you must control the numbers of popup’s appearance to avoid making your customers upset. I believe customers will be more interested in your site with an attractive and interesting popup window.


    Excellent Customer Service
    The most important thing to improve the relationship with your customer is to develop customer service. You can not guarantee one hundred percent that customers can use your products without any error or there’s no problem with the delivery process. In those cases, let’s support for your customers well because it is the key to retaining and attracting new customers. As you know, with the rapid spread of social media today, news of bad customer experiences can spread quickly. It will directly affect to your brand.

    In conclusion: The more efforts you spend for your online store, the more benefit you get from it. Keep in mind the useful tips above to make your online store more and more successful.

  • [Announcement] Welcome Summer with the Launch of Three New Versions on ExtStore

    [Announcement] Welcome Summer with the Launch of Three New Versions on ExtStore


    Dear beloved customers,

    As planned in the new development cycle, the three new versions: Advanced Poll 3.0.7, Media Store 2.2.0, Advanced Portfolio Pro 3.7.0 are now available on ExtStore.

    These new versions bring you awesome features and minor bug fixes to make ExtStore extensions more user-friendly and more functional.

    You can explore excellent changes of these versions at their changelog here:

      Advanced Poll 3.0.7: Demo I Buy Now
       - Added. Show answers in logs page.
       - Added. Show message when poll is expired

      Media Store 2.2.0: Demo I Buy Now
       - Added. Ability to select and delete multiple images in image manager.
       - Added. Ability to select and insert multiple images into product.

      Advanced Portfolio Pro 3.7.0: Demo I Buy Now
       - Added. Ability to select and delete multiple images in image manager.
       - Added. Ability to select and insert multiple images into project.
       - Fixed. The image manager doesn't stay in current folder when delete its sub-folder (redirect to root folder instead).

    If you have any question, just feel free to contact us, we are always ready to give you the best answer.


  • Free Valentine Popup Templates for Mega Popup

    Free Valentine Popup Templates for Mega Popup


    Love always is arround here, make it special for you, for me and for orthers on this Valentine’s season. Have you made a plan for this Valentine marketing campaign?. A loving greeting or a romantic messeage can make your site get more successful on these days. Let Mega Popup from ExtStore helps you gain it perfectly.

    Mega Popup is a outstanding Joomla 3 extension developed by ExtStore team, which will help you create a great and functional popup for your site. The popup have a attractive look, neat/ useful content and awesome animation.


    More great things. on this Valentine’s day, ExtStore gives you some Free Valentine Popup Templates.
    ** If you are using Mega Popup, just go to ExtStore to download and import templates to your backend
    ** If you are a new one, please buy Mega Popup first to get Free Valentine Popup Templates

    Explore the way to set up and use free templates for popup at Mega Popup’s documentation.


    Don’t hesitate, Let’s make your site romantic and attractive right now

    button demo2 button buynow2



  • [Xmas Gifts] The Big Countdown Sale - Up to 50% OFF and The Release of Mega Popup Component on ExtStore

    [Xmas Gifts] The Big Countdown Sale - Up to 50% OFF and The Release of Mega Popup Component on ExtStore


    Dear beloved customer,

    Xmas’ atmosphere has filled everywhere and on this holiday, ExtStore wish you enough to make your life so meaningful. ExtStore also would like to give many thanks to you for going together with us during a long perious.

    Merry Chistmas and Happy New Year with ExtStore’s excellent gifts

    qua2 ExtStore Discount:

    It is the final countdown sale on ExtStore in 2015 - Up to 50% OFF.
    The countdown will begin on 21 Dec, 2015 and end on 01 Jan, 2016 and decrease day by day.
    Be on time to get 50% OFF on ExtStore



    qua2 New ExtStore Extension - Mega Popup 

    ExtStore officially announce the release of Mega Popup version 1.0.0 with a lot of well known features and some free Xmas templates.

    Mega Popup is a outstanding Joomla 3 extension developed by ExtStore team, which will help you create a great and functional popup for your site. The popup has a attractive look, neat/ useful content and awesome animation.
    Mega Popup helps you to increase the effect of your marketing campaign and the traffic of your site. It promises to bring you a lot of surprises

    Some reasons why Mega Popup is the best popup extension for your site

    Features ! Demo ! Documentation



    Partner Deals



    christmast templaza


    The 35% off is for any subscription on Joomla Templates or WordPress Themes.

    Affected: Joomla Personal, Joomla Business, Joomla Developer, Joomla Lifetime, WordPress Personal, WordPress Business, WordPress Developer, WordPress Lifetime.

    Available Time: From December 21st, 2015 to January 2st, 2016.

    Coupon Code: TZXMAS2015




    TemplateMonster offers 30% discount on ALL Joomla templates from the collection

    • Discount: 30% on all Joomla templates

    • Valid from Dec 23rd, 2015 to Jan 2nd, 2016

    • Coupon: EXT2015XMAS




  • Xmas Gifts: Free Xmas Logo Decoration and the release of 4 new versions on ExtStore

    Xmas Gifts: Free Xmas Logo Decoration and the release of 4 new versions on ExtStore


    Christmas is nearby more and more, you are eager to bring Xmas’ atmosphere into your site. To thanks for supporting us through the years, ExtStore would like to give you two gifts before Santa knocks the door.

    qua Free Xmas Logo Decoration

    ExtStore will be with you to decorate your website by redesigning your logo based on Xmas’ topic. This gift is spend for ExtStore's paid users only

    One user - One logo


         How to receive:  Submit a ticket here and give us your original logo and URL your siste 
         Time to be done: About 2 - 3 days after you submit a ticket
         The last date: December 25, 2015


    Sample of ExtStore's Logo 


     logo chritmas


    qua The simultaneous appearances of 4 new versions on ExtStore with the various bug fixes which will be useful for your site


        Advanced Portfolio Pro version 3.5.1  Changelog ! Demo ! Buy Now
        Downloads Pro version 3.1.2 Changelog ! Demo ! Buy Now 
        Advanced Poll version 3.0.6  Changelog ! Demo ! Buy Now
        CSS3 Mega Menu version 2.0.5 Changelog ! Demo ! Buy Now


    Let’s become ExtStore member to receive a new look of your logo at this Christmas and a lot of excellent gifts ahead.



  • How to express Christmas on your site

    How to express Christmas on your site


    “Jingle bell ! Jingle bell ! Jingle all the way”

    This song  makes Christmas’s atmosphere comes sooner and sooner. Surely you are planning to decorate for your house, your Christmas tree, to prepare for Xmas gifts, Xmas cards as well as Xmas parties.

    So, what about your website? It will be so great if your site is also filled with Christmas because it will make a great opportunity to increase your business in this shopping  season.

    I would like to share with you some tips as well as some free Joomla extensions and templates that make your website will be more attractive and more outstanding on this holiday.

    1. Make your website snowy

    Mention about Christmas is when people think about snow flakes, snowmans. Therefore, your website will be closer with the appearance of snow


    snow falling


    This is not difficult to create snows on your site when you download and install Snow Falling module on your backend. This module is free and very easy to set up.The module amazes your website visitors with colorful snowflakes of which various configuration options are customizable.

    Get Free Snow Falling ! Demo


    2. Countdown Timer

    It will be awesome if you can remind your customers that they have only the number of shopping time left.on your website.


    Smart Countdown2


    Smart Countdown is a awesome free extension by Alex Polonski. This component supports for multiple languages and you can display more than one countdown in the same page with individual setting.

    Get Free Smart Countdown ! Demo 


    4. Design Christmas Popup.

    You intend to run an advertising program, a promotion campaign or you want to give your dear customers some Christmas wishes, Christmas messages. It will be more effective when you show your customers a popup with all the great content you would like to give them.




    Mega Popup from ExtStore team helps you to give your customers fast and attractive messages. With this component, your site will display a popup with great design and functions  Mega Popup shows your products, news, notices, advertisement as well as events on any pages that you want and help you to increase the traffic of your site. With this component, you can create a Xmas popup which bring your messages to customers.

    Get Mega Popup ! Demo


    4. Use Christmas Template

    Here I will show you some Xmas Template for Joomla. They are not only free but really attractive

    JSN Boot 



    JSN Boot is a free template from JoomlaShine with Xmas style and a lot of great features. You can easily re-decorate your website within 4 color variations, 5 menu styles, 40+ template parameters, responsive design and more

    Get Free JSN Boot Template ! Demo


    Free Christmas Time Joomla Template

    Christmas time


    Christmas Time is a eye catching free Joomla templates provided by Site Ground. It supports both two and three-column layouts. The design layout supports multiple module positions that you can use to enhance your site appearance. It will help your customers feel closer with your website at Xmas.

    Get Free Christmas Time ! Demo


    5. Design Topbar

    Logo is the symbol which represent for your brand. Let’s bring some Christmas atmosphere  into it with the shadow of Xmas trees, snowmans or snow flakes to make your site awesome on this holiday.


    6. Redesign logo based on Christmas topic.

    Logo is the symbol which represent for your brand. Let’s bring some Christmas atmosphere  into it with the shadow of Xmas trees, snowmans or snow flakes to make your site awesome on this holiday.


    I believe your website will draw much attention from customers on this holiday. Just be free to share your ideas as well as your experiences regarding to this topic by comment below.

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