Advanced Portfolio Pro 4.0 is released with some critical features and bug fixes that will make your site more attractive and SEO friendly.

Here we are showing you how to remove Advanced Portfolio Pro project ID from URL, it will support to optimize your site in Search Engine.

Step 1. Create Portfolio View Category Menu
In case, if you don’t want to show those view category pages on your website, you can create them in the hidden menu.

From Dashboard => Menu => Main Menu/ Hidden Menu => Add New Menu Item

id 1


- Menu Item Type: Click on Select button => a popup will appear, click on Advanced Portfolio Pro => choose Category List
- Choose A Category: Shows if you choose Category List for Menu Item Type option. Select a project category from the list

Each menu item will be created for one project category.


Step 2: From Dashboard => Components => Advanced Portfolio Pro Configuration => Integration tab => Choose Modern for URL Routing and choose Yes for Remove IDs from URLs option,

id 2

Click on Save button to save any your change. After all, the project IDs will be removed from URL



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