Halloween Popup Card is a flexible module which creates spooky popup messages for Joomla 2.5, Joomla 3.0 and later versions. It allows you to create the text board that pops out with mischievous spiders, scary music and funny pumpkin-shaped close button. Furthermore, the options of content, font colors, time, speed and music volume are totally customizable.


  • Compatible with Joomla 2.5 and Joomla 3.x
  • Editable message in Halloween style.
  • Halloween music to run on the background of the card.
  • Cutie spiders move up and down the card.
  • Custom font size and color.
  • Support to load jQuery.
  • Choose how often you can display the popup card.
  • Modify time and speed for the popup to appear.
  • Select on what page to display the card.

Click here to see demo.


  • Download the latest version of Halloween Popup Cart from ExtStore.
  • Go to Administrator site, choose Extension → Extension Manager. Then Browse the file and click Upload and Install.
  • Install Halloween Popup Card successfully.


Go to Administrator site, click ExtensionsModule Manager, then search for Halloween Popup Card to configure. Extmhpc module j30.png

Settings for Details

Extmhpc details j30.png

  • Position: the position to display the module The popup window will be display in the middle of website so it doesn't make differences when you choose any position but chosen position has to match with current template. For example: position-7 of Beez20 default template.
  • Status: choose Published
  • Access: public (for user and guest), registered (for user only).
  • Ordering: The ordering the module will be put with other modules in the same position.

Setting for Basic Options

Extmhpc basic options j30.png

  • Load jQuery: Load the jQuery only if your theme does not have jQuery.
  • Display: Choose how often you can display this pop-up card.
  • Card Content: Add your own specified message here.
  • Font Color: Easy tool to adjust the text color of terrified message. Default value is #5f2b2b
  • Show After: Set time to show the Halloween Card in seconds.
  • Show Speed: Set speed to show the Halloween Card in seconds.
  • Play Sound: Option to play or not play sound on Card's background.
  • Music Volume: Option to adjust the volume of sound.

Setting for Advanced Options

Extmhpc advanced options j30.png

  • Module Class Suffix: A suffix applied to the CSS class for individual module styling.
  • Caching: Select whether to cache the content of this module.
  • Cache Time: The time before module is recached.
  • Custom CSS: Add CSS style to customize the template.
  • Module Tag: The HTML tag for module.
  • Bootstrap Size: An option to specify how many columns the module will use.
  • Header Tag: The HTML header/title tag for module.
  • Header Class: The CSS header/title class for module.
  • Module Style: Option to override the template style for it's position.

Setting for Assignment Options

Option menu assignment j30.png

  • Module Assignment: Choose the option to enable module in expected pages.
    • On all pages: The popup window appears on all pages of the website.
    • No pages: This option is default. But it makes the module inactive on the website.
    • Only on the pages selected: The option allows popup window to be active only on selected pages.
    • On all pages except those selected: The option allows popup window to display on all pages except selected pages.
  • Menu Selection: Select menu type and menu items to display module.

Display on Frontend

Extmhpc display.png


If you have questions regarding specific details or need any help with the product, feel free to contact us and join Extstore forum.

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